Electronic-Consent (e-Consent) is a platform for consenting patients or research subjects either on-site or at home using a computer-based consent form rather than traditional paper documentation.

To use the e-consent module, please request a separate project to host your e-consent data. E-consent data should be hosted separately from your research project. This will better protect identifiers and increase the security of your data. In addition, we highly suggest using a "yes/ no" question to signing the consent form to store signature, as recommended by the REB.

It is the responsibility of the research team to submit an amendment to the Research Ethics Board to utilize the framework OR include the utilization of the framework in the original REB application. REB approval is required once the team requests to move their project to production. In your ethics application, add this statement to your consent form Your electronic consent form will be stored in the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute’s secured network in Vancouver, BC. Only authorized personnel will be able to access it.”

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